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Is our house and is located in the city center, in a quiet and peaceful location. A stone's throw from the best restaurants, museums, shops, tourist attractions and local life. The location, placed on the 6th floor, from the terrace gives you a breathtaking view of the surrounding valleys and the city.

In the structure

Welcome to our home

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Sardegna-Piemonte: una visione postcoloniale


Hiking excursions

Visit to the Valle di Lanaithu, Tiscali, Gorropu, S'edda Arbaccas, Monte Novo S. Giovanni, etc. etc.
Half or full day for a unique 4X4 experience accompanied by MaX


Visit Nuoro

What to see and do in Nuoro, the center of Barbagia, an excellent starting point to explore it. Mountain, Lake, Sea, all within 25 Km.

Food and Wine
Experiences and food and wine tours on foot or a few minutes drive from the center of Nuoro.

Porcetto, Pane Frattau, S'aranzada

Culurgiones, Pecora in cappotta, Filindeu, Cannonau etc.etc.


Museums of Nuoro

A 3/4 minute walk to the M.A.N. - Costume Museum - Childhood home of Grazia Deledda, Tribu, etc. etc


WiFi            Elevator       Central            City         Common     Flat TV         Terrace with               Breakfast in

free                               heating          center          area            32"         panoramic wiew               terrace

        Air             Flat TV       Window         Towel                            2 rooms      1 room

conditioning         32"                                                                 wc ensuite  wc shared0

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