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What we like most when we travel is the contact with different cultures and the discovery of territories in which we almost feel the experience of being the first and only to see, perceive and permeate the new land.

This is what we try to share of "our" Sardinia: an important experience.

Have a chat, suggest and, if it's pleasing to you, we can also accompany you in nearby places and far away, but always respecting the type of travel that everyone is looking for himself.

For us, every type of traveler is welcome!

When the world comes to us, we are excited about it!

MaX and Carla

Hong Kong November 2015


Welcome to our home,

Here we are! Massimo (MaX) & Carla





I love travel and meet new people and cultures, take pictures, falling in the wonders hidden in each corner of the World that always surprise me, taste unknown dishes and let me carry in the history of different countries.
Be the photo to be the trip.



We are two travelers who love to know new places and new people; so we decided to structure our house to greet new friends with the comforts that travelers need.

Traveling we have understood and learned to love our city and our land. This is why we wanted to pay tribute to Nuoro, choosing a Nuraghe with a "golden nut" instead of the heart as the Logo.
The Nuraghe symbolizes Sardinia and the "golden nut" Nuoro or Nùgoro ("Nughe'e'Oro").

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