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    Sedilesu Winery - Mamoiada

    Gostolai, Oliena Wine - Oliena

    Orgosa Winery – Nuoro-Orgosolo Street.

    Gianpiero Puggioni Winery- Mamoiada

    Social Winery. Dorgali -Dorgali

    Social Winery. Oliena - Oliena

    Colle Nivera Winery - Nuoro

    Berritta Winery – Dorgali

    Htha Ruja Winery- Dorgali

    Giovanni Montisci Winery - Mamoiada

    Mastio Winery – Galtellì

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    It is a small capital city of the Province of 36,000 inhabitants, and is the center of Barbagia in Sardinia. The city is rich of ancient and new culture. For more than a century it has been called "Sardinian Athens" due for the excellence that distinguished it with its great artists and intellectuals. First of all the famous and multi-translated Grazia Deledda (Nobel Prize for literature 1926, second woman in the world) without forgetting painters, sculptors, poets, jurists: Antonio Ballero, Francesco Ciusa, Sebastiano Satta.....

    Even today, to the most observant eyes, the city is renewed: a central area with the two old historic districts of Seuna and Santu Predu and the city center around Santa Maria the Cathedral where you can walk, photograph, sip something at the bar, do shopping and where you can choose which restaurant to end the day in.

    But immediately for those who want Nature and Archeology you can enjoy the Monte Ortobene (the mountain of Nuoro that reaches 1,000 meters) with the Domus de Janas, the walking trails, the Redeemer with his amazing panorama and the Festival of Costume at the end of August dedicated to him. In its forests, you can't forget the outdoor swimming pool frequented in summer surrounded by greenery, and the legend of a treasure hidden in its bowels: the treasure of Mamudinu. One of the pathways traced by the CAI, starts from the church of Solitudine and leads to the feet of the Redeemer, passing between beautiful and shady forests and cool sources, meeting majestic granite complexes and passing close to the spectacular Preda 'e sa Luna.
    Two Nuraghi share with the Nuoro's population, two large urban areas of Tanca Manna (with its village) and Ugolio where at any time the inhabitants do jogging and sports in general.


    M.A.N Museum,
    Nuoro Museum of Modern Art
    Ethnographic Museum I.S.R.E
    Costume Museum
    Birth House museum of Grazia Deledda
     Museum of the Nobel Prize for Literature
    Archaeological Museum
    Archaeological Museum of the Province of Nuoro

    Museo Ciusa Museum with original works by Francesco Ciusa
    Tribu Museum


    Madonna delle Grazie Vecchie (1600 BC with frescoes from the 1700s)
    Madonna delle Grazie (1900 BC Cathedral of Nuoro)
    Madonna della Solitudine (Bronze portal of Tavolara and tomb of Grazia Deledda)
    Santu Caralu (1600 BC)
    Su Serbadore (1500 BC)
    Santa Croce (1500 BC)
    Santa Maria della Neve (Cathedral with Bishop's Palace)


    “Sebastiano Satta” square signed by the sculptor Costantino Nivola, with rocks from Mount Ortobene
    “Su Connottu” square dedicated to the popular mottos of 1868
    “Salvatore Satta” square with sculptures by Pinuccio Sciola dedicated to the novel "The day of judgment" by Satta


    If you have time.... and you want to undertake others unforgettable experiences in contact with nature and people from Barbagia, here you go a little suggestion to what you can do staying in Nuoro and moving a few kilometers, visiting the small countries nearby, different cultures and different landscapes.

    Lollove (17.2 Km.) In the municipality of Nuoro, it's the smallest country in the world, where time has, in a certain sense, stopped.
    Orgosolo (13.1 Km.) The famous Murales, the majestic Supramonte, Monte Novo S. Giovanni, Nuraghe Mereu and his old village story of bandits.
    Oliena (8,3 Km.) The Corrasi Mount of white Limestone; Its wonderful opportunities for excursions on foot or aboard of 4X4 and the beautiful archaeological and natural sites plus the famous source of Su Gologone and the spectacular Lanaittu valley from which you can begin the excursion to visit the breathtaking Tiscali site.
    Dorgali (22.1 Km.) Its small and charming port of Cala Gonone, starting point for cruises and mini cruises in the Gulf of Orosei to the famous beach of Cala Luna, also reachable by a beautiful and simple walk. Its beaches of Cala Cartoe and Cala Osalla will welcome you.
    Orune (10.2 Km.) Renowned for its splendid Sacred Source of “Su Tempiesu”.
    Bitti (18.2 Km.) The unknown and spectacular nuragic complex of “Su Romanzesu” is still a mystery; Here you can also visit the Multimedia Museum of Canto in Tenore.
    Orani (14.9 Km.) Birthplace of the international artist Costantino Nivola, where visit the museum dedicated to him. An easy climb to Mount Gonare - the Sardinian Pyramid - will take you to the top. From its summit (1100 m.) on clear days you can see the two seas (Sardinia and Mediterranean Sea) and you can visit the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Gonare (XII century).

    Orosei (31.5 Km.) In the homonymous Gulf and nearby the town you will find some of the most spectacular beaches in Sardinia: oasis of Bidderosa; Berchida; Sa Curcurica and Su Barone.
    Mamoiada (12.4 Km.) Country of Mamuthones and the interesting Museum of Masks. Benetutti (20.3 Km.) Looking for a splendid, if almost impossible to find, Labyrinth in Luzzanas inside a prehistoric tomb.
    Urzulei (29.5 Km.) Its spectacular Supramonte; Gorge Gorropu; Sedda ar Baccas; Flumineddu Gorge; Sa Giuntura.
    Oniferi (14.6 Km.) It houses a complex of Domus de Janas unique for the petroglyphs engraved inside one of them and several Nuraghi.