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    Whatever is your type of holiday, Nuoro is the perfect

    “base camp”

    to move 360°, thanks to its position in the middle of a

    wonderful territory. 

    Overnighting in Nuoro

    4 you Motorcyclist
    4 you Cyclist

    You can drive or cycle without bags or luggage, traveling every day rings, circuits and different tours of many kilometers, from 100 to 300, full of curves in breathtaking scenery without ever repeating the same road.

    Finding every evening the comfort, our hospitality and the choice of restaurants and bars that only a city can offers you.

    4 you Trekker

    From Nuoro you can access various "Supramonte" of the Gennargentu Park:

    • Supramonte of Oliena
    • Supramonte of Orgosolo
    • Supramonte of Dorgali
    • Supramonte of Urzulei
    • Albo Mount.

    We are positioned in a location that will allow you to access, in a few kilometers, the most famous excursions:

    Tiscali - Gorropu - Punta Sos Nidos - Lanaitthu Valley- San Giovanni Mount- Punta Catirina - Corrasi- etc.

    Without forgetting the splendid and simpler walks on Mount Ortobene that can be practiced by everyone without the need of a car.

    4 you Lover of Archeology

    You can visit Domus de Janas on foot from our B & B: Borbore - Janna Bentosa - Maria Frunza and the Nuraghi of Tanca Manna - Ugolio. In our surroundings some of the unmissable sites:

    • Nuragic Village Sa Sedda and Sos Carros
    • Sa Oche Cave- Su Bentu cave
    • Nuragic Sacred source Su Tempiesu
    • Nuragic Village Su Romanzesu
    • Domus de Janas Sas Concas
    • Nuraghe Nurdole
    • Tombe dei Giganti (Giants tomb) of Madau
    • Etc.